Freddy's Brewpub

McCurdy Bowling Centre and Freddy's Brewpub have been in operation since early 2001 with a full service brewpub, brewery, and 30 lanes of bowling. Located at the historic site of Flintstones Park "Bedrock City"  on Hwy 97, it only seems fitting to have a community hub with bowling and cold craft beer. 


The craft beer industry has really boomed in the Okanagan in the past 5 years and we are pleased to announce Freddy's Brewpub has undergone major renovations to better serve our craft beer community. We have completely redesigned our space, expanded our brewery, and have created a brand new experience for our customers both inside and out. 


We take pride in a clean, safe, and updated facility...and can't wait to have you join us for some great tasting food/beer and bowling fun.  See you soon Kelowna!


Kelowna's First Micro-Brewery



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